Monday, September 14, 2015

Munich Germany Week 16

Hi friends!

Well this week has been full of interesting events and some good ones! 

Well first of all there was a missionary in out Zone that went home this week to have surgery so his companion has been my companion for this past week! His name is Elder Faux from Orem Utah. He is way cool and it has been nice to have some companionship. Speaking of companionship, I found out that I am getting a new companion next week! So there have only been three of us in the office this transfer and I have been doing all my work alone but on Thursday I get a new comp! His name is Elder Derksen and he is German! He was actually in my MTC group so we already know each other well. He has been serving in Switzerland his whole mission so it will be really cool to work with him. Most Americans never get to have German comps and he will be my third so I'm pretty lucky! More on that subject next week!

So this week has been pretty crazy. Because next week is transfer week that means that I have begun the "heck week" in the office. I have been crazy busy building the big transfer plan that I talk about with all the train times for missionaries and stuff like that. It is fun but without Elder Evans my last comp it is harder and a lot more work! I have not run into any big problems so far but I have still lots of more work to do! I hope everything goes well or the entire mission will hate me which is not so good;)

We have been pretty busy teaching this week which is fun! I will try to give a update with some info on our investigators that are getting close to baptism.

Emannuel - tons of legit. He is from Ghana and we found him through an old investigator of ours. She brought him to church with him. He has a wife and daughter back in Ghana that he is supporting so he works a ton but we meet with each other about twice a week. His baptismal date is the 11th of next month and I think he will for sure be able to make it! He is really into the gospel and really understands it all. He is a really cool guys. He makes very consistent progress which is really cool.

Charles and Omoiye - They are doing good. Our problem in the moment is that they are not legally married even though they say they have been married for like 10 years and have a few kids. We are working with them to get married here but it will be hard because they are not exactly German citizens.

Andrew and Rebecca - continue to be the coolest people on the planet. We are having an African food night with them next week so that should be pretty cool. I am really excited I must say. We still meet with Andrew on Mondays to teach him German which really helps and we meet during the week and they are doing well. 

Well the rest are doing ok but these are the main people we are teaching right now.

We went to this really cool lake for pday today that is about 30 miles south of Munich.  It was very pretty so I will attach some pics!

Have a great week everyone and I hope to hear from you soon!
Elder Lyman

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Munich Germany Week 15

Hi Friends & Family!!

This week has been great! Full of great experiences!

One big highlight was yesterday we had another big Mission Leadership Training meeting with President and Sister Kohler which is always great! It is basically a 5 hour meeting with all the Zone Leaders, Sister Training Leaders, and the office Elders.  We got a lot of good ideas on how we can be better leaders and help the people in the mission. It basically all boiled down to being more like the Savior Jesus Christ and what he did while he was here on Earth! I have really learned that being like Jesus can help us in so many different ways in out lives. I think the best leaders in the world have Christlike attributes even if they do not recognize them as that. MLC is fun for me too because I get to organize all the travel of the attendees from all over the mission,(not too fun). It is also fun to see some of my friends from all over the mission that I have not seen for a while! 

After MLC we had a appointment set up with Rebecca and Andrew. We are teaching them the lessons over since they got baptized. The lesson went really well and at the end they shared that The Lord has finally blessed them with something that they have been praying and fasting for for a long time. Andrew finally got a job here in Germany! It is really hard for people that are new in the country that do not speak the language to get a good job to support for there families so they are really lucky! They were so excited and they know that he got the job because Heavenly Father helped them! They are a great example of such great faith and the results from that. 

Well that is all I have time for this week! I will write more next!

Elder Lyman

Munich Germany Week 14