Monday, December 15, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 14

Hallo Everyone!

This week has been great in Salzburg.  We are getting super close to Christmas and we are pretty excited.  I really can't believe it is almost Christmas.  It seems like yesterday that it was July and I was heading to the MTC and now next week is Christmas!  Soon after that it is my birthday (January 7th to be exact for everyone that really loves me and wants to send me a card or gift or both).  Then . . . on the 31 of January, I will celebrate my 6 month mark on my mission!  That is so nuts!!

One thing we did this week that was great was we went to a parade with all these really scary monsters.  It is a yearly tradition in Bavaria.   They basically walk around and scare the kids and make them cry.  It was pretty freaky but super fun.  We also had our Christmas Conference with President and Sister Kohler which was great.  It was at our church with the Salzburg and Vienna Zone.  We watched the new video called "He Is The Gift" which I loved!  They also surprised us and we got to watch "Meet The Mormons" which was amazing!   It was so cool to see how the Church is spreading around the world!

This week I have come to more fully appreciate the gift that Heavenly Father has given us. It must have been the hardest thing for Him to give His Son to the world knowing all that would happen to him.  I can't imagine what that was like.  I'm trying my best to be thankful for the gift of the Savior especially during this Christmas season.  We can never repay Him for what he did but we can do what He asks of us.  I think we all know what we must do to follow the Savior.  Now we just need to do it!!

I hope everyone at home has a great Christmas and a Happy New Year (you filthy animals)! 

Shöne Woche!
Elder Lyman

Monday, December 8, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 13


This week has been a good one!  It is crazy how fast time is going by.  Every week goes faster and faster in the mission field!  People here in Salzburg are starting to go crazy for Christmas.  They celebrate every Sunday leading up to Chirstmas, Christmas Eve, Christmas day and the day after!  I can't wait! I t is going to be so much fun!  Hopefully we will get to spend some with the members and have a great time!

This week has been a good teaching week.  We have a new investigator that we found.  His name is Ibraham!  He is from Afghanistan which is pretty cool.  He actually has a baptismal date set for the 27th of this month!  It would be super cool if that worked out!  This is our first investigator with a date so hopefully it will! 

I'm starting to feel super grateful for the Savior during Christmas time.  Everyone says it, but Christ is not really the center of Christmas in most of the world.  He is the most important person that has ever lived on this earth and we get to celebrate his birth.  That's a pretty big deal.  I have developed a much more personal relationship with Him on my mission.  It gives me a lot of motivation to bring others to come unto Christ when I think about all that He did for us.  All I really want this year in to be a better instrument in His hands. 

Keep it real and thanks for all that you all are doing for me!

Elder Lyman

Friday, December 5, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 12

Hallo People that read my letters!

Things are going great in Salzburg! We had a really big Thanksgiving feast at the Church this week with all the YSA people in our ward.  It was fun!  Most had never had a Thanksgiving dinner before so it was really cool! It reminded me of good old America!

This week has been full of great things!  I found out that I will be staying in Salzburg for another transfer! This is Elder Kingerys last transfer so I get to kill him which will be super fun! We have a new Zone Leader coming to live with us which will be cool as well.

As far as teaching goes we have not found anyone new to teach this week but we are still teaching a couple people which has been really great.  We have a couple people that are slowly but surely progressing towards baptism.  I really enjoy teaching people about the Gospel.  It gives me such a great appreciation for all the things I know.  Sometimes I wonder why the Lord has blessed me with the life I have.  I now just need to try my best every day to make Him proud and fulfill my purpose as a Missionary.

German is coming along good.  I feel like my understanding has expanded these last couple weeks which is great. It is nice to be able to talk to people.

Christmas is for sure here in Salzburg.  This place goes all out for Christmas.  We go to the Christmas markets as often as we can.  Kinder punch for dayzzzzzz.

Anyway things are great here!  Hope everyone is having a good time at home. 

Schöne Woche
Elder Lyman

Monday, November 24, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 11

Hallo friends and family!

Another week down in the dull, ugly city of Salzburg Austria!  Ha Ha — JK — this is pretty much the best. This week was full of good experiences and also tender mercies! 

First let’s talk about who we're teaching…  we have got a new investigator named Franz.  Very super cool police officer in Salzburg.  What makes him unique is that he's really humble and has the potential to progress!   We are also meeting with a family every week named Weber.  They are very Catholic but like listening to our message!  As a family, they are also reading the Book Of Mormon, which is way cool. Please pray that they can get answers to their prayers and be touched by the Spirit of the Book of Mormon! 

We had quite the tender mercy provided to us this week. No doubt it was strait from the windows of heaven.  So here’s the story…  as we were going out to visit with some former investigators this week, we stumbled across a nice little dairy farm on the outer part of Salzburg. We approached it and came across something I have only dreamed of... A MILCH AUTO MAT.   Basically, for a Euro, it is a pump that allows you to get a liter of milk... strait from the farm!   It is so fresh, it is still warm!!  WOOOOW!  But here was the problem, as you can imagine, we did not have a vessel to receive the milk so we had no way to take it back home.  This is when the miracle happened!   That night, we went to the institute class at the church and our institute teacher showed up with these two massive five-liter jugs — and said she had a feeling to bring them to class because someone might need them! We were amazed at what was happening!   This was no doubt the windows of heaven opening to us.   And we will not have enough room to receive it!

Other than that things are going well.   Christmas time is in full swing over here so all the Christmas markets opened this week. They are the best!  My German is coming along well but as you’d expect, I still have alot to learn.   Transfer calls are also this week so I will find out if im going or staying.   Hopefully staying! 

Also, we are having a big Thanksgiving Dinner this Thursday so don't feel too bad for me.  Perhaps we will top things off with some fresh, warm milk?

Elder Lyman

Monday, November 17, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 10

Hallo everyone!

This week in Salzburg has been great!  Things are starting to look a lot like Christmas!  They are slowly starting to set up at the Christmas markets.  People in Salzburg go crazy for Christmas!  I really hope I stay here for another transfer so I will be here for it!

This week has been great for missionary work!  We found three new investigators! One of them is an older guy that is paralyzed.  He is great but he is currently an atheist. We will be working on that! The other two are a father and son.  They are some of the most Christlike people I know.  They are currently Catholic.  He is a religion teacher here in Salzburg and his son is studying to become a religion teacher.  They really like Mormons but want to die Catholic because they were born Catholic.  There are some great Catholic people over here but some of them won't ever join the Church just because they were born Catholic.  It is just part of their life even if they never go to church or read the Bible.  I have had some people tell me that they know the Catholic Church is false and that our Church is true and that the Book of Mormon is true but that they just can't join because they are Catholic!  It's crazy but that is what the Holy Ghost is for!  He is the only way people can gain a knowledge of the truth!

I'm loving my mission so much!  I'm having lots of fun!  I think that I'm feeling a different type of joy than I'm used to.  It's not the same joy I felt at home from my family, golfing, biking, skiing and hanging out with my friends.  It is the joy that comes only from serving the Lord! 

Love you all!
Elder Lyman

Monday, November 10, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 9

Hallo friends and family! 

Another week in beautiful Salzburg Austria had come and gone.  This week has been especially nice because it is now proper to wear wear jackets and scarves.  Es gefelts mir sehr gut.  It really is fall here and it is very beautiful!  

We are not really teaching anyone at the moment.  Our only investigator will probably get dropped this week.  No worries though!  Missionary work is a lot more than just teaching lessons!  I can't really remember where I heard it but the best lesson you can teach as a missionary is the one that you teach yourself!  I have already learned so much personally since being on my mission!  Hopefully I can keep learning and become more converted to the Gospel throughout my mission. 

Something new I guess is that my comp and I made a little survey to start asking people on the street. The questions really get people thinking. We are having good luck with it so far so we will see what comes of it!  I hope you all have a great week! Thanks everyone for the prayers!  I will try to send more pictures next week.

Elder Lyman
Wchöne Woche!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 8

Hallo mine geliebter familie and freunden!

So another week has come and gone in Salzburg!  It is amazing how fast time goes by on a mission. That being said, I look forward 20 months and it seems like a long ways away!  I've got plenty of time to do some serious work!

This week has been nothing too special.  It was transfer day on Tuesday which is always crazy.  We wellkomed a new Elder into our apartment.  His name is Elder Cavon and he is from Dundee Scotland.  He is way sick and talks really funny. 

At the beginning of the week we found some really cool potential investigators that we thought had a lot of potential.  We set up appointments with both of them on the street which does not really happen too much.  I was way stoked to teach them!  We set off for the first appointment super pumped. Well long story short . . . he gave us a fake address so that was not really nice.  People over here like to do that.  I wish they would just say they are not interested so I don't waste time.  I hate that.  I was still happy because later that day we had an appointment with our investigator Roman.  We set off for Romans with vigor and vim.  Another long story short . . . it fell through which is always so fun!  No problem though because that opened up a nice 5 hour block of finding which is always such a blast!

So another long story short, this week did not turn out the way we planned but that's ok!  It was still super fun!  Just because we are not teaching very many lessons does not mean we are not good missionaries right?  I do not let it get me down.  I know that when the Lord has someone for us to teach and baptize that He will make it happen.  Until that time, I am so happy with just talking to as many people as I can and planting those seeds for other missionaries in the future! 

As for a German update, it is coming slowly but surely.  I learn the most by just talking to people on the street.  I love German and can't wait to be fluent . . . hopefully by the end of my mission!

Overall I am doing really well.  No complaints.  I can already tell that the Lord is starting to shape me into the person he wants me to be.  It's kind of like the story of the olive tree in the Book of Mormon.  I just need to try my best to be humble and recognize when the Lord is bringing me lower to eventually become higher than I ever have been!  The book is blue and the church is true!

Love you all and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!
Elder Lyman