Monday, November 24, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 11

Hallo friends and family!

Another week down in the dull, ugly city of Salzburg Austria!  Ha Ha — JK — this is pretty much the best. This week was full of good experiences and also tender mercies! 

First let’s talk about who we're teaching…  we have got a new investigator named Franz.  Very super cool police officer in Salzburg.  What makes him unique is that he's really humble and has the potential to progress!   We are also meeting with a family every week named Weber.  They are very Catholic but like listening to our message!  As a family, they are also reading the Book Of Mormon, which is way cool. Please pray that they can get answers to their prayers and be touched by the Spirit of the Book of Mormon! 

We had quite the tender mercy provided to us this week. No doubt it was strait from the windows of heaven.  So here’s the story…  as we were going out to visit with some former investigators this week, we stumbled across a nice little dairy farm on the outer part of Salzburg. We approached it and came across something I have only dreamed of... A MILCH AUTO MAT.   Basically, for a Euro, it is a pump that allows you to get a liter of milk... strait from the farm!   It is so fresh, it is still warm!!  WOOOOW!  But here was the problem, as you can imagine, we did not have a vessel to receive the milk so we had no way to take it back home.  This is when the miracle happened!   That night, we went to the institute class at the church and our institute teacher showed up with these two massive five-liter jugs — and said she had a feeling to bring them to class because someone might need them! We were amazed at what was happening!   This was no doubt the windows of heaven opening to us.   And we will not have enough room to receive it!

Other than that things are going well.   Christmas time is in full swing over here so all the Christmas markets opened this week. They are the best!  My German is coming along well but as you’d expect, I still have alot to learn.   Transfer calls are also this week so I will find out if im going or staying.   Hopefully staying! 

Also, we are having a big Thanksgiving Dinner this Thursday so don't feel too bad for me.  Perhaps we will top things off with some fresh, warm milk?

Elder Lyman

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