Friday, December 5, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 12

Hallo People that read my letters!

Things are going great in Salzburg! We had a really big Thanksgiving feast at the Church this week with all the YSA people in our ward.  It was fun!  Most had never had a Thanksgiving dinner before so it was really cool! It reminded me of good old America!

This week has been full of great things!  I found out that I will be staying in Salzburg for another transfer! This is Elder Kingerys last transfer so I get to kill him which will be super fun! We have a new Zone Leader coming to live with us which will be cool as well.

As far as teaching goes we have not found anyone new to teach this week but we are still teaching a couple people which has been really great.  We have a couple people that are slowly but surely progressing towards baptism.  I really enjoy teaching people about the Gospel.  It gives me such a great appreciation for all the things I know.  Sometimes I wonder why the Lord has blessed me with the life I have.  I now just need to try my best every day to make Him proud and fulfill my purpose as a Missionary.

German is coming along good.  I feel like my understanding has expanded these last couple weeks which is great. It is nice to be able to talk to people.

Christmas is for sure here in Salzburg.  This place goes all out for Christmas.  We go to the Christmas markets as often as we can.  Kinder punch for dayzzzzzz.

Anyway things are great here!  Hope everyone is having a good time at home. 

Schöne Woche
Elder Lyman

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