Monday, November 3, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 8

Hallo mine geliebter familie and freunden!

So another week has come and gone in Salzburg!  It is amazing how fast time goes by on a mission. That being said, I look forward 20 months and it seems like a long ways away!  I've got plenty of time to do some serious work!

This week has been nothing too special.  It was transfer day on Tuesday which is always crazy.  We wellkomed a new Elder into our apartment.  His name is Elder Cavon and he is from Dundee Scotland.  He is way sick and talks really funny. 

At the beginning of the week we found some really cool potential investigators that we thought had a lot of potential.  We set up appointments with both of them on the street which does not really happen too much.  I was way stoked to teach them!  We set off for the first appointment super pumped. Well long story short . . . he gave us a fake address so that was not really nice.  People over here like to do that.  I wish they would just say they are not interested so I don't waste time.  I hate that.  I was still happy because later that day we had an appointment with our investigator Roman.  We set off for Romans with vigor and vim.  Another long story short . . . it fell through which is always so fun!  No problem though because that opened up a nice 5 hour block of finding which is always such a blast!

So another long story short, this week did not turn out the way we planned but that's ok!  It was still super fun!  Just because we are not teaching very many lessons does not mean we are not good missionaries right?  I do not let it get me down.  I know that when the Lord has someone for us to teach and baptize that He will make it happen.  Until that time, I am so happy with just talking to as many people as I can and planting those seeds for other missionaries in the future! 

As for a German update, it is coming slowly but surely.  I learn the most by just talking to people on the street.  I love German and can't wait to be fluent . . . hopefully by the end of my mission!

Overall I am doing really well.  No complaints.  I can already tell that the Lord is starting to shape me into the person he wants me to be.  It's kind of like the story of the olive tree in the Book of Mormon.  I just need to try my best to be humble and recognize when the Lord is bringing me lower to eventually become higher than I ever have been!  The book is blue and the church is true!

Love you all and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!
Elder Lyman

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