Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Munich Germany Week 23


Hi friends and Family!

Well this week has been really busy and crazy! I will just start at the top and go from there! 

Monday - So we have this car at the mission office that is registered in Switzerland and it is that time of year when we have to get all the tires changed. I am not sure how it worked out, but the only place we could get the tires changed would have been in St. Gallen Switzerland. When I found out this would be the case I quickly volunteered to drive the car down and get the job done! So on Monday Elder Samuelson and I drove to St, Gallen and got the tires changed! It was my first time on Switzerland and it was pretty cool. We drove past Bodensee which is one of the most famous lakes in my mission and it was really amazing! A great little trip for sure:)

Wednesday all of the new goldens came into the mission! That is my favorite thing about transfer week! It was fun to hang out with all of the new missionaries and get to know them. There were only 11 of them.

Thursday was the big transferday which was crazy for us. We had to make all the travel for all the missionaries and it is just lots of stressful hard work. Everything worked out well and everyone made it to there new area safely. We were basically just standing at the train station for like 3 hours just directing traffic and stuff like that. 

Friday - The highlight was getting to take all of the "dying missionaries" to the airport. This was really fun cause my good mission pal Elder Plumb was one of them. It is always a weird feeling to be at the airport with them helping them with all their bags and stuff. It was fun to say goodbye to some really good friends of mine though. That night we had a really cool ward activity too! Our ward had the Trunk-or-treat! We all brought candy and had a chili cook off and games and stuff! There were lots of people there and it was really fun! We all wore out Lederhosen and Bavarian cloths! It was really a great night! The highlight was for sure the donut on a string eating contest. I have a picture that sums it all up.

Today for Pday we did not have too much time cause we have to go to Stake conference tonight so we just went for a stroll in the English Gardens on Munich. We enjoyed some amazing fall weather and colors. I think I got some pretty cool pics so we will see how they turned out:)

Well that was the week! Very busy and went by fast! I am excited to see what the new week brings us! I hope that rest of you have a great week!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Lyman

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