Monday, January 25, 2016

Vienna Austria Week 3

Hello friends and Family!

Well sorry that I have not sent a weekly letter in a while. I guess that we have been busy or something. I will try to give a good update on everything that is new.

Well with week was obviously CHRISTMAS so that was tons of good! We were really busy but it was so fun! Well I guess that we were not so busy. We basically were at different members houses on the 23,24,25,26th so that was great. The members of our ward love missionaries so they were more than happy to have us over. We played games, sang tons of Christmas songs, and ate so much food I still feel sick. Really I don't think I have had a balanced meal in a week. All we eat is meat, potatoes, bread, cheese, and stuff like that. It is really good but it gets old after a few days. I feel like a need to go on a cranberry juice cleanse. No but we had a great week celebrating Christmas and all the great things about it. We talked with tons of people on the street and in the trains about Christmas and why they celebrate it. Most of the people just say that they want to be together with their families and stuff. Some people understand that we have Christmas to celebrate the birth of Christ, but they really don't understand what it means that he was born. I think we are really lucky in the church to know the deeper meaning behind all these things. It was fun to be able to share that with some people this week.

Well things other than that are pretty normal. I am used to the swing of things in Vienna and I am enjoying it a lot. We are doing a lot of good things and we are excited for what is in the near future.

I hope you all have a great week and to hear from you soon!
Elder Lyman

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