Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vienna Austria Week 11

Grüß euch!

Well I have been wanting to write a group update letter for a while but I have not had my full email time in a while. 

VIENNA is still the coolest. The ward is awesome! Full of young cool people that love doing missionary work. We are able to work with them really well. For example, 12/20 lessons this last week were with "a member present" so basically with a member there for the lesson. I don't know is that's good in other missions, but it's pretty high here to have 12. For sure the most I have ever had. All the people we teach feel loved and welcome in the ward which is so important. 

So, after today we have 3 planned Baptisms in the month of March! I would love to explain a little about who there are and how they are doing.

Nikos Antonopoulos:
We are actually in the train right now to his house to teach him. We are just going through the lessons another time so he can be ready. Haha ok now I'm in the train coming home from the lesson. We meet each time at there house after we have dinner with them with his wife and our ward mission leader. His date is the 19th of March and we are confident that he is going to make it. He had to stop smoking to get baptized but is doing great. Has not smoked in 1 month after giving up cold turkey. 

Maybe you remember hearing about how we found her. We just stopped her on this really busy street and talked with her. Found out members of her family are members and that she had gone to church a few times. Ever since then we have been meeting with her and she has totally excepted the gospel. She has tons of friends in the ward and is scheduled to get baptized on the 27th or March! Yay! 

This story is a long story. So Katharina is a 23 year old student who grew up in Vienna. She first got to know the church 1 year ago from a really famous blogger who is a member from New York City. She has been meeting with the Elders for the past 10 months or so but really made lots of progress right before I got to Vienna. Ever since I got to Wien, she kind of started slowing down. She stopped coming to church, reading, and things slowly went down hill. Her doubts overtook her faith. She dropped us hard core 4 weeks ago and told us it was not for her and that she would never join the church...yet here we are. A really awesome sister Missionary in Vienna who is a convert. She helped her spark her faith again. She started reading the Book of Mormon again and doing the small things. She got back from a trip in Rome Yesterday and asked if we could meet today. When we met with us she told us that she wanted to be baptized NEXT WEEK!  So ya she is getting baptized next Sunday. Pretty big miracle and we are soooo pumped for her. More info yet to come!

That's my life! Love you all! 
Elder Lyman 

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