Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vienna Austria Week 8

Hey Family,

This week was full of cool things and miracles. I would love to share some with you!

Last Monday night, we had dinner with this couple in the ward. Brother and Sister Antanopolas. She has been a member for 24 years and the husband has known the church the whole time, but he never got baptized. For the past 24 years he has been a "eternal investigator".  He had heard all the missionary lessons hundreds of times, come to church for the past 24 years, and even had a calling. He asked us if we had prepared a spiritual thought after dinner. We said yes, then he mentioned that he had prepared something to share as well. We insisted that he go first, which he did. He said that we had been thinking about getting baptized for the  past 24 years, but that he had finally made the decision. He told us he already picked out s date in March with the Bishop, and that now he just needed us to go through everything one more time then we could get in the water! It was so crazy! We did not really except it, but we did not complain! It is really true that everyone has there own timing. The best part was to see the tears of incredible joy in his wife's eyes, who I'm sure was
waiting for this answer to her prayers for a long 24 years:)

2 weeks ago, Elder Mitchell and I went to a car show in Vienna. While we were there, we got to know a very nice young girl who was working there at the Mercedes Benz section. She was one of the info models in theory, (she was drop dead gorgeous if I dare add). She asked us what we were doing here and naturally we started talking about the church and The Book of Mormon came up. She invited to come to her families bible study hour the next week because she comes from a family of 7th day Adventist. We were beyond giddy as school boys to get her number, and of course to come to the study hour. We dropped by this past Friday, to meet her family, that included her Identical twin Sister! It was soooooo awesome! We had a great gospel discussion and talked slot about the Book of Mormon. They are going to start reading. We will see what comes from it.

Last night Elder Mitchell and I decided to go Dooring instead of doing studies after church even though our mission President told us we should do studies first. Call us "rebels". We just started walking around until we made it to a apartment building we both thought was the right one. We footed for 2 hours and got some potentials, but nothing crazy. Like always, we came to the Last door and a young mother answered the door with a cute young girl in her arms. We talked about the purpose of life as families with her on the door then she invited us in. We talked with her and her husband about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how it was restored to the earth. They could not have
agreed more, cause they feel like there current Christian faith is just not complete. We had a great first lesson and thy invited us back later in the week. At this point on my mission, I can tell when people are prepared to hear the gospel, and they are. It was such a testimony builder that I am truly a tool in the Lords hands and if we listen to the spirit, he will lead us to his prepared children.

I love you all and hope and pray that we can all continue to use this amazing gospel we were born with. We have no idea how lucky we are.

Much Love,

Elder Lyman

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