Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Vienna Austria

Hi friends and Family!

To answer all of your questions, I am doing great! Life is Vienna is
still going strong and we are enjoying every day! Some big events have
happened in the past so I will do my best to fill you all in!

Last Friday, our good friend Nikos got baptized! After 28 long years
of coming to church, he did it! It was really cool to see his son who
was on his mission in Greece baptize him. More people were at the
baptism than Easter Sunday! It was a great experience and I'm so
happy/grateful/lucky to be apart of it!

Yesterday was a great Easter Sunday! It was probably the best day of
the year so far. It was really warm, sunny, so the perfect day for
Allie to get baptized! Most of you probably remember, but we met Allie
about 3 months ago on Mariahilfer Strasse which is one of the biggest
and most popular shopping streets in Vienna. It was a total miracle
and we knew the Lord put her in our way. Since then, we have been
teaching her and three weeks into our teachings, we made Easter Sunday
as the goal for her to get baptized(we didn't realize it was Easter
Sunday when we made the goal). The weeks went by and she made tons of
progress and made more and more friends with the many YSA people in
Vienna. And yesterday it happened. We are so happy and proud of her
and we know she is going to be a great member.

After our two main investigators got baptized, we needed some new
people to teach! Needed to find new people because everyone else got
baptized is not the worst problem to have, but teaching is always the
best thing to be doing. We have been trying to work with ward members
to find some new people to teach through the ward. We also do a good
amount of Dooring of the many apartments around our house. I think the
best finding is done just on the street. There are enough people
around that we walk out side and there are people everywhere who we
have never talked too! It's fun!

The best part of this week for me was celebrating Easter. It is always
such a nice break to stop and rethink was the life of Christ means to
us personally. I find my self worrying about other people to much on
my mission, that I made it a goal to focus on how I can receive new
life everyday through Jesus Christ. At the end of the day, that is the
main point. Christ has given us all the chance to receive new life
everyday through his Atonement. We may not be able to see or describe
the "Atonement", but it's cleansing and healing/loving power is
something we can feel in our hearts. I have had a few experiences on
my mission where I have felt this infinite love and I know it comes
from Christ. I'm grateful for these experiences and hope you will all
continue to find new life in Christ.

Much Love,
Elder Lyman

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