Monday, June 6, 2016

Vienna Austria

Hi friends and family!

Well a few weeks have gone by without me being able to give an update on what is going on with me so I thought I would take the time to write a little. The past few weeks have been really great! This past week was transfer week and out of the 12 companionships in our Zone, only two of them stayed together. That means that we had lots of people leave and lots of new people come to the zone! Two of which was Goldens so they are brand new to the mission! It is always funny/nice to see them so pure and innocent not yet being perverted by Babylon(Europe). Elder Hale and I are excited to stay together for my last transfer! I will be the third mission he's "killed" so he's good at it by now. It is only a five week transfer too so it will go by faster than the others. We just started week two this week so we need to be careful!

Well the work in our area has been tricky the past few weeks. A lot of the people we were meeting with have moved to other parts of the city so we had to give them to other missionaries, or they dropped us which is sad:( But, we are hear the find the find who are ready to except the gospel! We has been praying really hard to find out where we should go to find these people. Just talking with people on the street can be tricky. So this week a young member family invited us over for dinner and we decided to go Dooring where they live cause we had never been there before. We showed up and it is a really huge new development outside of the main city. It is full of huge apartment buildings with just young families! It was awesome! No old people! I love old people but sometimes they are not the most open. So basically we only got the door half of one of the buildings because we talked to
so many people! We met some way cool young families that want us to come back this week. We are really happy because we think that we can find more people at this place to teach. We will see!

We have some really cool events coming up this transfer. This week we are going to Munich again for a conference with President Kohler. It is always a great spiritual time to be taught by him! Plus it's fun to take the train 6 hours through beautiful Austrian/German mountains and country side. Wow I will miss that! Next week we have Zone conference is Salzburg too which is always fun! It will be a little weird cause I have to give my dying testimony! I'm sure other missions do this but at your last zone meeting they ask the missionaries that are going home to share their testimonies with everyone. Should be interesting:/ Also in less than a month the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will be in Vienna which should be awesome! Should be a fun way to spend my last Sunday night on the mission!

Well, that's my update! I'm really grateful to have a month left to serve the Lord. I hope that I can make this the best month of my mission! I have really learned so much about myself and the gospel
these past two years and I hope I can keep the same pace I have been going out for the past two years. Thank you for all your prayers and support. I love you all!

Best regards,
Elder Lyman

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