Monday, September 15, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 1

Leaving for Munich bright & early!

Elder Gnome!

Munich Train Station

Dear Family,

Sooooo . . . Salzburg Austria is my first area!!  I am not going to argue with that!  I was really scared and nervous before I got assigned my area. When we got to Munchen, I was really nervous. But President and Sister Kohler are amazing!  I love them so much.  They have two kids with them here on their mission. They have a son that is 17 and a daughter that is 14.   

Anyway . . . so I traveled to Salzburg on a huge train through the German countryside and into the Alps!  This city is way sick!  Super nice parts and super crapy parts.  The Elders live kind of in between it all.  My comp is Elder Kingery from Spanish Fork Utah. He is way cool and we get along great.  He only had three transfers left.  We live with the Zone leaders.  Elder Packer is from Cedar Hills and graduated from Lone Peak the year before I did!  He is way cool.  We didn't know each other in school but we know a ton of the same people!  His comp is Elder Wasden from Hawaii.  He is not Hawaiian and his dad teaches at BYU H!  He is way cool tool!  

Elder Kingery and I just opened a new area here in Salzburg so we both got white washed together. That means we have no idea where anything is and we have zero investigators.  We get to start from total scratch.  The first night we got here, I got all my stuff unpacked and I was just so ready to go to bed when Elder Kingery said, "Lets go give away some Books of Mormon!" So we went out of our apartment onto the cold dark street and started looking for people.  As soon as we got outside I saw a lady walking towards us.  I was super scared but I started talking to her in my broken German.  I told her we were missionaries talking to people about this book!  I ended of giving her a Book of Mormon and got her name, address, and phone number!  First potential investigator of the Salzburg 2 Area - in 10 seconds!   I'm not saying this to talk about how great I am but to just prove a point.  The Lord can do whatever he wants!  Did he soften this ladies heart to listen to a message from an 18 year old boy with broken German on a cold dark street in Salzburg Austria?  Yes . . . he did!  No missionary in the history of missionary work has made it two years without the Lord's help.  If we trust in the Lord, he will use us as a tool in his hands.  We have given out 10 copies of The Book of Mormon and got 7 potential investigators in 2 hours of finding this last week.  That does not happen in this mission.  I know that the Lord is helping me to hasten the work and I am so glad to be apart of it.  I love this gospel and I am so glad so be sharing it with the people of Salzburg for the next few months.  Its not Michigan, but its the next best thing.  Love you all so much.  Pray for me to get the gift of tongues.  More importantly pray for the people I talk to for the gift of ears.  They need it more than I do!

Elder Lyman

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