Monday, September 22, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 2

Dear Family,

So my second week in Salzburg was pretty swag.  I do not really know how to start.  We do not actually have any investigators yet so that is kind of lame.  I was so excited the other day because we spent all day looking and calling people in our area book so we could have some people to teach and we finally got two appointments!  One of the guys was from Nigeria and the other was from Turkey. There are loads of Turkish people here.  I was way pumped to teach my first lessons in the mission field!  The next morning I was studying super hard preparing for what we were going to teach them and I got the lesson down and was ready to nail them with the gospel. Then . . . something that never happens in the mission field happened.  Both teaching appointments fell through.  I was a little sad because I had spent so much time finding these people to teach and preparing a lesson for them and now they don't want to talk to us anymore.  I'm not beating myself up too much.  I know that my purpose as a missionary is to invite all to come unto Christ. That is all I can do. You can't force anyone to do anything.  Sometimes I try to force my good looks and charm on girls my age when we are finding.  They seem interested in me until I open my mouth and they realize that I don't speak German.  It's all good though. 

Speaking of the language (no pun intended) its coming along really well.  I study super hard because I want to be able to talk to these people so bad.  It is hard to fulfil my purpose as a missionary if I can't talk to people.  I am slowing learning at my own pace. The Elders I live with say that my Greman is pretty good for only being out two weeks but I think they are just being nice because I'm a golden (greeny). 

We have a way sick ward here in Salzburg.  It is pretty big and is full of super cool people.  My Bishop is a BOSS and the ward mission leader is way sick too.  They are super committed to helping us out.  There are actually 8 missionaries in our ward.  The Zone Leaders we live with, 2 sisters a senior couple and my comp and I.  One of the sisters is Sister Wilkes!  Br. Wilkes in our ward is her uncle!  Well . . . I won't keep this too long because I know that all my family cares about right now is the other Elder Lyman coming home today which is ok.  That's weird to think about but its cool too.

Love you all, 
Elder Lyman

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