Wednesday, September 3, 2014

England MTC Week 5

Hallo my family and friends!

I am happy to say that this will be my last letter from the MTC here in England!  That means that the next time I email, I will be living somewhere is Germany or Austria!  I'm so excited!  The MTC has been great and all but I am ready to get going!! 

This past week has gone by really fast!  I think the amount of German I know has doubled since the last time I emailed!  It just goes to show that the gift of tongues is as real as it gets!  You could not learn as much German as I have in 5 weeks anywhere else in the world besides the MTC!  Thanks to all of the prayers of you guys back at home! 

This week has been fun because there are 15 German elders that got here last week that are coming to our mission with us!  I can't understand anything they say because they talk so fast!  It gives me an idea of what it will be like when I get o Germany.  They are all super cool guys are they all speak really good English - which is very helpful. Other than that it has been a pretty normal week. We went to the store this morning and we loaded up on HobNobs and Galaxy Bars!  British chocolate is the bomb! I'm excited for tonight because the area president is coming to the MTC to speak to us!  That's always a party!

I promise that next weeks email will be fresh and full of amazing things!  I love you all and I'm loving being a missionary!  I have never felt God's love this strong in my whole life!

Elder Lyman . . . the younger.

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