Thursday, August 28, 2014

England MTC Week 4

Hallo von das United Kingdom!

Starting week four in the MTC is a great feeling.  Time is starting to go by faster and faster!  This week has pretty much been the same as the other four weeks at the MTC but I will try to write some more to make my mommy glucklich! (happy auf Deutsch)  Speaking of Deutsch, it is coming along pretty well! I learn more and more each day and I am just trying to remember it all!  It can be a bit tricky at times but I really know that with the Lord on my side . . . I can do anything! 

I just got back from the Temple and that was just dandy.  The temple grounds over here make our yard at home look like the desert!  Sorry mom.  I really like the other missionaries in my district!  There are ten of us.  My companion is Elder Jensen (Wisconson), District Leader Elder Nebeker (Idaho).  We call him Elder Calhoon!  Elder Nobertson (Birmingham England), Elder Murry (Wales),  Elder Brady (Arizona), Elder Smith (American Fork), any my favorite is Elder Vasicek (Slovakia)!  He is such a stud.  He joined the church four years ago when he was 20!  He is the oldest missionary at the MTC at age 24!  He has a bachelors degree in chemistry from Prague.  He is kind of like a Russian scientist!

It is super different sleeping in a room smaller than mine at home with 5 other guys but I am used to it now.  The food here is OK but not very healthy.  I have already gained like 5 lbs.  Oh and there are two sisters in my district.  Sister Poll is from Morgen UT and knows the Wests!  She graduated with Brennen!  The other is Sister Cherrington from Sadi Arabia. 

Hey funny storry my family might like.  Whenever I introduce myself to my investigators I say that we are from the Kirche Jesu Christi Der Heligan Der Letzten Tage. Well apparently I have been saying "Kirche" too much like "Kirsche" with means cherry!  So I have been telling people that we are from the Cherry not the Church!  hahahaha!!

I love you all and miss you bunches!
Elder Lyman

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