Wednesday, August 6, 2014

England MTC Week 1

The Preston Temple

Our German Classroom 

My MTC group!

My companion Elder Jensen!
Guten Tag Familie!!!!!!

Holy freaking cow the first week in the MTC has been crazy!  To start off, I lost my wallet on the airplane so that was kind of a bad way to start off my two year ministry but I'm sure we will get it figured out!  I swear getting here was half of my mission!  The plane ride was long and but it was fun thanks to sitting next to Spencer!  We even snuck into Economy Comfort seats both plane rides so that was nice! 

The first week in the MTC has been crazy!  This past week had been by far the longest week of my life!  The days in the MTC are so long and so busy!  They make the bike trip look like a walk in the park!  I can honestly say that this has been the hardest week of my life.  Learning German is a trial right now.  It's German emersion so our teachers only speak German to us so I didn't understand anything at first but now I kind of understand it.  Lucky for me my companion took five years of German in high school so he is basically fluent!  His name is Elder Jensen and he is from Wisconsin!  He is a super cool and nice guy.  We get along great and work really hard together!  I'm also surrounded by British people so I'm literally starting to talk like them and i don't like it.  Although it has been really hard at first, I know that its going to get easier.  I really enjoy studying about the gospel and doing churchy stuff all the time. This first letter might not be too great but I'm sure Il'l get the hang out it.

I miss all my friends and family so so so much!  Please pray for me to be able to lean the language cause it's tricky stuff.  Im so grateful for all of you guys back home.  Thanks for helping me get to where I am today!

The younger Elder Lyman

P.S. Deven Pyper I'm killing you and your new puppy for not emailing me. I expect a novel next week or we are no longer friends/  It shouldn't be that hard because you have literally nothing to do now that Spencer and I and gone.

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