Monday, March 30, 2015

Linz Austria Week 10

Wow what a week! This one went by quick but we had a lot of cool things to do! This week consisted of lots of free ice cream, finding a golden family to teach, wearing a short sleeve for the first time of the year, and finding some sick graffiti!

Starting with the highlight of the week would be meeting the Büll Family! The Bülls family consist of Erik, Karin and there 2 year old son Fabio.  They had seen some missionaries in Linz before and were curious about what they believed so one day they decided to talk to the missionaries! They taught them for a while and they seemed really golden! They lost contact because Erik and Fabio went to Brazil for 3 months because Erik is from Brazil and they never really made contact with them after that. We do not really know why but nothing really happened. So basically we talked to one of the old missionaries that was here in Linz and he said to dig up their record and give them a call. We did that and made an appointment last week! They are the coolest family! Like I said, he is from Brazil and she is Austrian. They are Catholic and have strong ties to the Catholic church but they love our church so much! They said that the time is coming when they need to decide if they want to stay where they are, or make the big step and become Mormons! They did say that they would rather raise there children in our church because it's a better environment! As you can see, I'm really excited about them! They are so great! We are going back this week so I will keep you updated on how it goes! 

Well, other than that things are pretty normal. The senior couple here in Linz is going home this week so that means the new couple is coming! That should be fun! Our ward is also having a baptism this Saturday which will be cool! She is a older lady that is being taught by the sisters after we the Elders found her (pat myself on the back for that one). We are all really excited for that!

We also found ourselves eating free ice cream EVERYDAY this week! I am just eating my way through all the flavors. I'm really enjoying that. It is filling all the holes in my arteries which is always healthy. 

Well that was my week. Odds are this next one will also be good! The mission is always an adventure!

Elder Lyman

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