Monday, March 9, 2015

Linz Austria Week 8

Well hi everyone! I have had another great week in Linz! Where do I start? Well I will start at the beginning. 

This week had been a lot like weeks in the past. We have been spending a lot of time "unterwegs". That is a perfect German verb that describes my life right now.  Immer unterwegs which translates to always being out and about walking and talking to people. We are visiting a lot of former investigators right now wondering if maybe they have some interest to learn about the church again! We have found this to be a pretty good way to find people to teach. We will maybe get in contact with 1 out of every 20 people we go by on. It is not great, but its better that 0 out of 20! While we are traveling to where these people live, we try to talk to everyone that the Lord puts into our path. We hear a lot of people tell us that they have "keine Zeit" which is no time or that they don't have interest.  It is good to even hear that because that means we were lucky enough to even get them to stop!  I learn to just smile and be nice to the people that are not so nice to us!  It can be funny sometimes!  I have really enjoyed talking and getting to know so many different people on my mission. It is interesting to see what people are like outside America.

As far as the people that we are teaching right now, Maxim is the only promising one. We are working hard with him so that he can get baptized ASAP.  It is hard for him to find time to meet during the week because he is so busy but is it going good.  He is a really cool guy who you can tell is really looking for the truth! We are really excited for him!

As far as P-day adventures today, we just like to keep it simple. The main street in Linz is called Land Strasse. It has lots of cool stores and stuff like that. We usually just walk up and down going into the different stores while maybe eating a pretzel or two or three or four or five. They are really good over here. I just try on all the nice European cloths that I wish I had the money to buy. Its great! emailing is for sure the highlight of the day. 

Well friends that is the report. The work is work over here but we are enjoying it and having fun! I am grateful to be a part of the Lords work!  Have a great week everyone and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Shöne Woche,
Elder Lyman

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