Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Munich Germany Week 7

Hi friends and family that read my letter!

Just like all the other weeks on my mission, this one has been a good one! 

The big highlights for this week have been the final countdown for Andrew and Rebecca´s baptism tomorrow! We finished teaching them all the material this week reviewed all the questions for the baptismal interview! We had the interview on Friday and the Zone Leaders were so impressed how well they know the gospel for only have had met with the missionaries for 2 months! I was kind of nervous because Andrew´s interview lasted over one hour but it turns out he just did not want to stop talking about the gospel! It was so great! We got all the baptismal clothing sized up now we just have to wait until tomorrow! It has been a stressful week in this way but I feel so much happiness for them! Lets hope that it goes through!;)

We kind of realized that we needed to work on finding new people to teach so that we can stay busy after Andrew and Rebecca get baptized! I was praying really hard last weekend that we would be able to find some new people and some cool things happened! I girl showed up at church on Sunday because a friend told her that she would like it! She loved church a lot and we made out an appointment to teach her this week! We went over to her house and her roommate she lives with was really interested too! We taught them both about the Restoration and they loved it! They are both starting to read the BOM and they should be coming to church tomorrow! We also got a referral of just a guy that talked to missionaries on the street and gave them his number! We met with him and had a great lesson! We got 3 new investigators which was for sure an answer to my prayers!  

Well for Pday today we went to this really famous museum here in Munich! it is basically a museum all about germany and everything your could imagine! it is like 6 floors of pure information. Im not really a museum guy, but it was pretty cool! i think the other guys liked it a lot more than i did! We also played some 4th of July football this morning with some people from the ward which was so fun! It was good to be in american mode for a couple of hours! 

Well that was my week! i hope it was sum what interesting! I hope everyone else has a great week! I love you all! 

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Lyman 

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