Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Munich Germany Week 9

Hi everybody!

Well another week down for me here in Munich! This week has been full of cool things!

To start Andrew and Rebecca got confirmed last sunday which was so great! They were totally glowing and so happy and excited to finally be official members of the church! They continue to do well and blossom in the Gospel so to say.

We had a really cool experience finding some one this week. We were teaching a lesson to these two girls we have been teaching a little and after the lesson we were just starting to drive home and one of the girls called us telling us that there was a member there at her apartment. We didnt really know what to do and had no clue which member of the ward would have been there so we decided to go back and check it out. When we got there, we went back up to there room and knocked on the door. She came out and said that the "member" that was there lived "there", pointed to the door across from her. We know that a member of our ward did not live there but we knocked on the door anyway. A guys answered the door and was really happy to see the missionaries! He invited us in and we started talking. He told us that he was new in Munich and had just moved here from Italy. We said he got to know the church first in Italy. We knew so much about the church and the gospel and bore his testimony of the restoration like 3 times so i just assumed he was a member! Just to make sure i asked him, "so you were baptized in Italy then"? he then told us that unfortunately right before he got baptized he had to move so he never got baptized but really wanted to stay a member! He has been looking to the church in Munich but just could not find it. He was so happy and we all knew that God had sent us to him! We invited him to be baptized in a month or so and he excepted! We will see what happens but it was a really cool experience of the Lord leading us to people that are ready to hear the gospel! 

Another tender mercy this week was that we got an AC unit in the office which was also a answer to the  prayers of many. I dont need to tell that story but just know we got one;)

Well today we are really excited because they are playing Meet The Mormons at one of the Churches here in Munich so we are excited to go to that! We have invited a lot of people to come so we will see how it turns out! 

Well we do not have too much planned for Pday today but maybe we will go do something spontaneous.......

I hope everyone has a great week! Send me Peanut butter and air heads if you have the desire!

Elder Lyman 

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