Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Munich Germany Week 6

Hallo friends and family! 

This week has consisted of some really crazy days and some really fun days!

I will start off with the crazy stuff which mostly consisted of transfer day and the days leading up to transfer day! We spent a lot of time this week making the "transfer map" and buying tickets for all the missionaries and sending them and stuff like that. Luckily the german train company did not go on strike the week of transfers like last transfer so things went a lot better than last time! No trains were missed and only 5 new missionaries came into the field so it was not too complicated. That being said it is still stressful at times!

 Like I said last week, Elder Plumb got transferred to Linz which means that we got a new companion in the office! his name is Elder Samuelson and he is awesome! He is from Spokane Washington and has been on his mission for only 1 transfer longer then me. We are really happy to have him! I think i already explained this but i technically have 3 companions right now. Elder Evans, who i do my office work with, Elder Pingel who is from Tremonton Utah and now Elder Samuelson. We are one big happy companionship! We split up a lot to get all of our work done but we all have the same investigators and stuff like that. it is tons of fun!

This week i got to do something that i never thought i would do on my mission! Elder Plumb and I got to take a road trip so Salzburg and spend the day there! So there is a mission car here at the mission office that is registered in Austria and we had to take it to get some inspection done and it just so happened that the closest place to Munich where we could have it done was Salzburg! We drove down Tuesday night and stayed with the Zone Leaders who are good friends of ours and then took the car in Wednesday morning and they told us it would be done in the afternoon so we had to day to explore Salzburg and meet with some old members that we both know really well from serving there! It was a ton a fun! It was one of those "office elder perks" that does not happen very much! Tons of good!

The baptism for Andrew and Rebecca is this next coming sunday and we are so excited! We have a few more things to teach and go over but we think they are for sure going to be ready! They are still doing great and are anxiously waiting to get Baptized! More info on that to come!

Well folks that is pretty much it! this week has been full of great adventures! I just realized to that i just started my 8th transfer so that means that i will hit my one year mark on my mission this transfer which is so crazy to think about! i have learned so much from my mission and cant wait to start the next half! If there is one thing that I have learned already, it is that the church is true and i am on The Lords errand! Im excited to keep working hard and see what the next year brings!

Schöne Woche!
Elder Lyman  

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