Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Munich Germany Week 12

Hi again friends!

This week has been a busy one but a fun one! I will try to go through the days that were the most eventful and describe what a normal transfer week is like for a office Elder! 

Starting with Wednesday - Wednesday is the start of all the chaos! The new missionaries come into Munich International Airport in the morning from the MTC in Preston. We drive about one hour to the airport with our huge VW van for all the luggage. We get there, wait for the goldens. Once they come, we get all there luggage and load it into the van. We drive the van back to the mission office while the Goldens ride the Sbahn which is like a little train from the airport back to the office. We give them copies of the BOM to give out to people which is pretty funny because they can mostly barley know how to say there own name in German. They get to the mission office, we have lunch and then there are a few hours of training that they go through. I have a part of the training that i do which is fun just because new missionaries are soooo funny!  Anyway after that they go to the mission home and have dinner and find out where there first area is. Then based on how big the group is, they will stay at the mission home or go stay in a hostel in Downtown Munich. 

Thursday - This is the day that is the most crazy for me. We show up at the train station, and wait for the first group of missionaries to come in. Munich is the hub of all the travel so all the missionaries come through Munich if they are crossing the mission. We have the master plan of all the missionaries that are being transferred with all there connecting train times and stuff like that. They show up, we tell them where to go next, give them a ticket, and tell them,"viel glück!" which is "good luck" in English! That usually lasts for 3-4 hours till all the missionaries are gone. Then all the missionaries we have left at the train station are the ones that are going home that transfer. We then put all there stuff in the van,(the beast as we call it) and drive it to a church in central Munich while they take the subway. They get there are have interviews with President Kohler and have dinner and cry a lot because they are going home. We all know they are secretly happy though.

Friday - We wake up early and drive the fan BACK to the airport while the dying missionaries take a train there. We get there, give them there bags, flight info, check them in and say Tschüß!! Also a very emotional time, but its tons of fun. I had lots of friends that went home this transfer so it was cool to be there with them as long as I could! Then we drive home and that is that!

Well that is why things get pretty crazy around transfers! It is fun but very stressful. It takes a lot of preparation but when the work in done right, things work out ok!

One other cool thing that happened this week, was that we starting teaching a family that is friends with Andrew and Rebecca! They brought them to church last week and they loved it! We have met with them three times this week and they are excepting the gospel and are acting on it! They are a great little family! They have a two year old son and a one month old son! They are also from Nigeria! They should be coming to church tomorrow so we will see how things go! 

Well that has been the week! I hope everyone is enjoying life as much as I am! Missions are a great time is peoples life and I'm so happy right now is my chance to experience this! Have a great week and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Elder Lyman

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