Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Munich Germany Week13

Hi friends and family! 

Wow this has been a crazy and busy week but we have seen a lot of amazing things happen! I think that our ward has turned into a small piece of Africa because right now we are teaching like over 10 people from Africa! It is really funny because we do not even really go out and find these people, they find us! I think in the past two weeks like 5 people have just showed up to church and said that friends told them to come and that they want us to teach them so they can get baptized! I will go though everyone i can and give a little summary of who they are and how we found them.

Osman - He is a new convert from Sierra Leon. He got baptized just before I came to Munich. He is about 25 and super cool! He has stayed really active after joining the church. He got the priesthood a few weeks ago and passes the sacrament each week! He always reminds me that I am, "a man of God" haha

Andrew and Rebecca - We all know this family! They got baptized about a month ago. We are still teaching them the new convert lessons. Andrew got the priesthood two weeks ago. They are sooo strong in the gospel and know the Book of Mormon inside and out! They have made my whole mission worth it! They are hoping to come to America someday to "learn the word of the brethren in Utah" there four daughters are the cutest!

Vito and Precious - Vito and Precious are friends of Andrew and Rebecca's that they brought to church. Also from Nigeria. They have two boys who are 2 and 2 months old! They are learning the gospel really fast and as of this week they or scheduled to be baptized in about a month and a half! We teach Vito and Andrew German every Monday together which is really good for them. They said they got their answer this week that the BOM is the word of God!

Godman - He is a man of God for sure hahaha he is also from Nigeria. He is the one we met when we starting teaching his neighbors. He was about to get baptized in Italy but then he came to Germany. It was a miracle we found him. Now we just need to help him come to church on Sunday:)

Mercy - Also from Nigeria. She lives in the same building as Godman and one day when we were leaving Godmans house I saw her out on a lawn chair and I had the feeling to go talk to her! We ended up having three great lessons with her last week and she came to church as well! She was really impressed with my ability to speak a little Nigerian dialect with her. I picked some up by working in the international ward;)

Charles and Oieyehe - I am still trying to figure out how to say her name too! They Zone Leaders here in Munich found this Nigerian couple and brought me with them to a lesson so we could start teaching them because our ward is in English. They are a great family with a 7 year old daughter and a 2 year old son named Destiny! They love the Book of Mormon and really want to get baptized! We just need to make sure they understand everything before they make the commitment!

Syre - He is Nigerian but moved to Munich a month ago from Italy. He walked into the church one sunday and told us that he had just got baptized in Italy a month ago. He is maybe 20 years old and really cool! He brought his friend to church today and we are going to start teaching him this week!

Samson - Friend of Syre who i just talked about. Came to church with Syre and really loved it! We wants a Book of Mormon really bad. We have an appointment with him on Tuesday so we will see how it goes!

Siste Opare - Wife of a member. They are from Ghana. We starting teaching her a few weeks ago. She is pretty involved in her own church but she is making slow progress. Whenever we go teach her she cooks us tons of good African food! I felt pretty brave eating fish bones in the fish she gave us. "You got to eat your bones"!

These are not all but the main people we are teaching right now! It has been amazing to see The Lord send so many of His children to us so we can teach them! I will try to take a pic next week at church with all of them and send it home! That has basically been the week!

Another small miracle was getting a little "care package" from the member that lives on the U.S. base in our ward. I will attach a pic and you'll see what I mean.

Also props to my brother for getting married yesterday while I am gone....well played....

Have a great week everyone and I will hear from you all soon i hope!

Elder Lyman

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