Sunday, December 13, 2015

Munich Germany Week 26

Hi friends and family!

Wow this week has gone by very fast! I think most weeks do but this week was especially fast. We were pretty busy so that must have been why! 

The Office is doing great! We have been finding ourselves with a little bit of extra time at the end of each day and I could not really figure out why. I thought that maybe we did not have as much to do as other days but I think it is the case because Elder Derksen and I are able to do all of our work really fast and efficiently. He has gotten to the point to where he does not really need me to help him with things so we can both just work away till things are done! It is nice to know i'll be leaving things is good hands...assuming I leave in the near future. 

We have been having some interesting stuff going on with our investigators so I will try to give an update.

Eleanor - We meet consistently twice a week with her and usually at different members houses in the ward. She has made lots of friends so it is really nice to be able to teach with them too! Teaching with the members is the best. It really helps her but it helps them too! After the next time we meet with her we will be done with all the lessons! She has been really praying and fasting about when she should get baptized so we are just patiently waiting. It will happen soon though I have no doubt. She is the coolest!  

Sister Opare - We visited her in the hospital for hopefully the last time this week. She has surgery last week and she has just been recovering sense then. She should be home now so hopefully we can start teaching her again in a few weeks! It was sad cause she said, "Elder Lyman, you not gonna to be at my baptism because you will probably leave soon". I told her as much as I would love to be there the most important thing is that she gets baptized! She will make it, but it could just take some time.

Brahim - I don't know if I have talked too much about Brahim a.k.a. "Slug" as his africans hommies, "us" call him. He is from Sierra Leon and his sister is a member and she told him that he needed to get baptized! He has been coming to church for the past few months and we will be done teaching him everything next week! He should be getting baptized on the 6th of December so that will be great. Pray for him to make it then!

PDAY - We had a great Pday today! Went down to Garmisch Partenkichen which is this way cool ski town in the Alps at the bottom of our area. A way cool memeber named Micheal lives there and he wanted to take us on a hike though this gorge in the mountains! It was way amazing! More pics are yet to come on that one!

Everything is great with me! I am just going to keep working hard for what could be my last 2 weeks in the mission office. More transfer news will come in a week or two. Mal sehen:)

Have a great week everyone!

Much Love
Elder Lyman

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