Sunday, December 13, 2015

Munich Germany Week 27

Well Family and Friends.....the time has come.

As many of you know, I have been serving in the mission office in Munich as the secretary for the past 7 months! The time here has been really amazing. I have learned so many things and have met so many amazing people. The ward has been my favorite so far and I am going to miss them all sooooo much! We have taught lots of people that I will miss you. So I guess that all this talk of missing people must mean I am leaving! We had the office staff meeting on Monday and I found out that I am being transferred to the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria! When I found out I was going to Vienna i was totally Jacked! I could not be more excited! Salzburg, Linz, Munich, and now Vienna! My mission has been pretty great so far! I am going to work with a good friend of mine named Elder Mitchell. He is from Washington state and we are actually in the same MTC group so we know each other pretty well. We rode the train together our first day to Salzburg where he was picked up by his trainer Elder Plumb and where Elder Kingery picked me up! I talked to him on the phone today and we are both pretty excited to work togther. Should be fun! There are 5 wards in the city of Vienna and I am going to be serving in the 2nd ward. I will have more info next week! I take the train on Thursday so Salzburg, then a train through Linz, to Wien! 

Well I must say that that has been the big highlight of the week! We have been pretty busy in the office with all the transfers making all the travel plans and stuff like that. We have also had some pretty cool appointments with some cool people.

Our friend Brahim was actually going to get baptized this week but did not have time to do the interview this week so we had to push it back to next week. I am sad to miss it but the important thing is that he gets baptized. He is doing really good though and we are so happy for him.

We found a cool new guy to teach this week named Ayran. He is a refuge from Pakistan. he got to know the church in Pakistan from his brother who is a member. He ended up almost getting beat to death when people found out he was going to a christian church so that's when he decided he needed to leave and go somewhere where he could join the church. He packed his things and a few months later he made it to Munich Germany. He submitted his info on and we got it and made out an appointment. He is a really cool guy and we can't wait to start teaching him. He is really committed and has lots of potential. 

Well, that was the week! We will stay busy till I leave on thursday! Next week I will send a big letter with lots of pics from my new city!

Until then, lots of love!
Elder Lyman    

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