Monday, October 13, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 5

Zone Conference.  I think Sister Bushman & I are cousins somehow!

How we do General Conference!!

Das Buch Mormon

Another great week in the mission field for me!  I love Salzburg so freaking much!  I want to move here and go to University here!  This week was a week of firsts for me.  I went on an exchange with my district leader in Neumark and we taught 4 lessons!  It was way cool!  The first on was in a pub out in the country side, the second two were families from Romania and then we taught a family from Serbia. I t was so cool!  I will share a story of what I think the coolest thing was.  

One of the lessons that we had planned fell through so we had some extra time on our hands.  We got some lunch and drove around looking for a park to eat at. We didn't really find anything so we just pulled over in this random apartment complex and had lunch.  Because we had some extra time on our hands, we decided to knock on some doors in the complex.  We basically knocked on 50 doors and no one would talk to us.  Soooooo . . . just like all stereotypical mission stories we got to the last door in the whole complex.  I knocked and a nice young boy answered the door.  Maybe 18 years old. I told him that we were missionaries from The Kirche Jesu Christi und wier habben ein botchaft uber Jesus Christus, a message.  I also told him that we were giving out a book called Das Buch Mormon. He seemed pretty cool with it and didn't really say anything back.  I kind of said everything that I usually say so it got kind of awkward and quiet.  I turned to my companion ans he just gave me the head nod to try and keep talking.  I turned back to the kid and just said, "durffen wir rein commen?" which just means can we come in?  To our surprise he let us come in!!  We got to know him for a few minutes then taught him the first lesson in PRG.  It was super cool.  We then asked him if we could watch the Restoration video with him and he said sure!  We watched the movie and it was soooo tight!  I felt the spirit so strong!  After that we all got on our knees and prayed together to know if Joseph Smith really was a prophet and if the Book of Mormon was true.  He said that what he was feeling was indescribable!!   It was so great!!  We made another appointment with him then left.  I don't get to keep teaching him because it was an exchange in a different area but I don't really care! This was just an example of how the Lord will put the elect people He has prepared to hear our message into our path if we are doing what is right!  Everyone pray for this young Austrian boy named Philipp!  I know that the Lord has prepared him for this gospel.

This week was also zone conference and that was cool.  President and Sister Kohler are so tight.  We learned a a lot of great stuff about The Abrahamic Covenant and how we have all received a double portion from the Lord to care for and bring all those others to Christ!

ANOTHER cool thing happened this week!  There is a non active guy in our ward named Richard Lyman Bliss.  He is from California.  He is 85 so he needs to get his act together soon.  Elder Kingery and I went over with the elders we live with that are teaching him and I took my family pedigree chart just for kicks.  He told me that he was named after his third great grandfather who's name is Richard Lyman!  And guess what!  Richard Lyman is on my pedigree chart!  We are totally pretty closely related!  What are the odds!  Anyway more details on that yet to come.

This week has been solid.  I'm going to keep working hard so the Lord will continue to bless us!

Elder Lyman

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