Monday, October 20, 2014

Salzburg Austria Week 6

The Alpine German Speaking Mission Areas

Hello mine familie and freunden! 

This has been such a great week in Salzburg. Nothing really too crazy happened.

As far as teaching goes, we are doing a little bit more than we have been. We are teaching two 'less active' guys in our ward right now. We have spent some time just getting to know them and becoming their friends. We have taught them both the first lesson and invited them to start coming back to church. They both have testimonies, but they just have some concerns. I know that with the Spirit we can help them find again their testimonies and start coming back to church. They are close, but just need some help from the Lord right now.

We have been working a lot with members lately to find people to teach. We don’t have any solid investigators yet, but I know we will find them when we are supposed to.

This week was also Fall Conference for the Salzburg Stake so that was fun to be a part of. In order to fit everyone, the Stake rents out a big conference type building.  It was in Lintz, Austria, which is just like an hour train ride northeast of Salzburg. I love the transportation here. I never knew trains could be so much fun to ride. That’s one of my favorite things about Europe. The conference was really great. I can undertand most of what people say but not everything. I write down the words I do not understand and learn them later. It helps a lot. Predident and Sister Kohler were there so it was nice to talk with them and their kids.

Deutsch is tricky but it is coming. The grammar is the hardest part to get. Sometimes I will just ask random people on trains and in places if I can practice my German with them. I do not know why, but most people love helping me learn their language.  I guess it's like that cute Asian lady trying to learn English. Most of the time, I will just teach them about the church, so its a win-win.

Things are really really great. I love being a missionary and I know the Lord calls people on a mission to first convert themselves, and then they can help convert others. Also, my recent focus is reading Jesus the Christ. I started it two weeks ago and I'm about to page 300.  It’s amazing. Go read it.

I hope you all are having as much fun as I am. 

Elder Lyman

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