Monday, October 5, 2015

Munich German Week 18

Hi my wonderful group of friends and family!

Things in the office and going good. Elder Derksen and I had our first full week together and it went great! We are great friends and it is really fun to work with him. We have tons in common and think the same way so that is good. He is learning everything in the office really fast and does good work. We make a good team I would say. It have been really nice having him around to life the work load off my shoulders a little bit so that is nice. I hope to train him on all the office work for maybe two transfers then I will come out of my cocoon and fly out of the office! hehe

Well we have had some good and bads this week with some of the people that we are teaching. Emmanuel who is super cool and was going to get baptized this week has kind of fallen off the face of the earth. We just cant get a hold of him! We call him a few times everyday and have visited him where he lives and just cant seem to find the guy! We will keep trying and I am sure that he will turn up eventually!

We met again with Sister Opare who is the wife of Bro Opare a long time member of the Munich 4th ward! I cant really remember how much I have talked to her, but basically after gave some good spiritual thoughts with her and talked a little more about the church she told her husband that she wanted to get baptized! We got word and quickly found the time to meet with them and talk things over. We picked out a date with her that is about a month away and she committed to be
baptized! We and her husband were so excited! The ward is kind of freaking out because she has been a long time friend of the ward but never really met with the missionaries! We met with her last night and retaught the restoration and she understood it so well. After the lesson Brother Opare said that when she prays at night she asks God if the things we teach her are true. She is so sweet and we are soo excited for her!

We also got a cool referral from some sisters in our zone of the guy named John King. We called him up and made an appointment out for earlier today. We went buy and he lives right on this amazingly
beautiful lake called Tegernsee! I had heard how pretty it is there so i was pretty excited to me able to go teach him. We met on a bench right on the lake and it was really a great lesson! The sistes had
already taught him a good amount of stuff so we talked to him a lot about baptism. We helped him to realize that is Joseph Smith really was a prophet that he needs to get baptized by the proper authority
into our church. We really thinks he was a prophet so we said he wanted to be baptized so we picked a date with him in a little over a month! He lives pretty far so we will see if he can make it to church!
Mal sehen.....

We did for the Pday part of the day wonder around the lake and take some cool pictures! I might have changed into my Lederhose to take some of them...

We are being really blessed by the Lord right now! I am very happy and am enjoying my mission! We are seeing some great things going on so we will just keep working hard!

Have a great week and I hope to hear from you all soon!

Elder Lyman

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