Friday, October 23, 2015

Munich Germany Week 21

Hi friends and family!

This week has gone by fast with lots of cool things going on! I will try to mention some of the highlights.

So last week we got a referral from the church of a girl who lives in Munich. We went by to meet her and we had a great talk at the door but she was busy at the time. She told us to come back the next morning so talk a little bit more. We met the next morning and got to know her a little better. She is 19 and from England and has lived in Germany for the past few months being a nanny for a family here in Munich. She got to know the church from a family in England that she is really good
friends with. She talked with them about the church but she never got too serious with it. She came to Germany and somethings happened in her life that made her think on the things her friend had taught her.  Her made the decision after a lot of thinking to get in contact with the missionaries so she submitted her name online for a missionary visit. We met with her twice this week and we have really started small because she has not been really religious in her life. We are helping her develop faith through ready the Book of Mormon and praying everyday. She has already read tons of the Book of Mormon and it has helped her so much! We arranged it with a member on Thursday night to have us over for dinner and to invite her too. We had a great time and then watched the restoration video and it was such a great lesson! She made it to the relief society sowing activity last night with a member
too so she is loving the Ward and the Ward her too! We are so happy for her and excited to see where things go!

We also had a great lesson with Sister Opare again. She is making tons of progress. Her original baptismal date was next week but we pushed it back into November. She is doing well but just needs to learn at her own pace which is most important. There is no point rushing the decision to get baptized! She will get there soon!

So today we had an interesting Pday. We went to that same really cool lake we have been to before but last time we were there I saw a gondola going up one of the mountains so I did a little research and we went back today to go for a ride! It was really cold and cloudy at the top. There was even snow! Haha it was really fun and we took tons of pictures. Of course we took the opportunity for Elder Samuelson and I to wear our Lederhose which was totally worth it!

Well those were some cool parts of my week! I hope everyone has a great week!

Liebe Grüße
Elder Lyman

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