Monday, October 5, 2015

Munich German Week 19

Hi my great family and friends! 

Well this week has been tons of good I must say! I will try to make things interesting as much as I can then give a little update on the people we are teaching! 

So a big highlight of the week was we had Zone Conference here in Munich. We got together with the Stuttgart Germany Zone which is always fun! I feel like most of my friends on my mission have already gone home but I guess I have plenty of time to make some new friends! haha Before the meeting started we all gathered in the gym and got flu shots so that was cool. I don't think I had ever had one before so it was a nice experience. But the actual Conference was really good. We talked a lot about working with members and how important it is. Working with the members here can be tricky sometimes but it can be done! We have really made that a focus in are area so we will see how it works out! We all read and studied a cool case study made my Clayton Christiensen about working with members and how it helps. Learned a lot of new things I want to try. We will see how it goes.

Obviously, things are getting pretty heated for General Conference starting today. All the missionaries are getting pretty pumped up for it. General Conference is like Christmas on a mission. We could not be more lucky to have the chance to hear from all the great people in the church! We made some serious premeditated calls on the new apostles in comp study today so if things go my way I could end up with the winnings of German chocolate. fingers crossed.

Well i would love to give a little update on our investigators! We have seen some great things happen this week!

Sister Opare - Sister Opare is going really well! She is learning and understanding at her own pace and we are so happy for her! We had another lesson with her and her husband last night and it went great! She has been playfully studying the things we teach her and we are confident she will be baptized with in this next month! It helps to have her member husband teaching us with her so much!  
Charles and Omoye  - They are still doing great! They have been taught about everything they need to be baptized and come to church every week, we are just still waiting to get some paperwork they need to get married legally here in Germany before they get baptized! She is actually pregnant and she found out she is having a boy and they picked out the name Triumph! Tons of good name!

Andrew and Rebecca - We were so happy because Andrew and Rebecca got callings last week! He is a ward missionary and she works in the nursery! They love it so much and are so happy to serve! They are literally so excited for General Conference I think they might have heart attacks. They have a long list of questions so they can put the brethren, "to the test" haha

Emmanuel - One of our most promising investigators who was going to get baptized next week has kind of dropped out the face of the earth. We have not had contact in two weeks and just cant seem to get a hold of him. We will keep trying. More info on that to come.

We are teaching some other cool people but i don't really have time to talk about all of them! As we keep teaching them I will give updates!

Well that was our week! We are going to enjoy the nice fall weather here in Munich before GC tonight! I cant wait for all the great talks and testimonies! I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I will! Have a great week and God bless all of you!

Liebe Grüße,
Elder Lyman     

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