Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Munich Germany Week 20

Hi friends and family! 

Wow the weeks have been going really fast lately. I feel like I was just writing emails yesterday! But hey that is a good thing I guess. This week has been full of good cool things I can talk about!

We had MLC again which is that Mission Leadership Counsel in Munich this week. Elder Derksen and I make the travel plan for stuff like that which is fun. Everyone meets in Munich on Thursday night and we all watched a Jeffery R. Holland talk to kick things off. Nothing better than getting called to repentance by good old Mr. Holland. We have a six hour meeting the next day and learned tons of good things. The focus of the mission right now if mastering the message. Things like memorizing scriptures for all PMG points of everything we teach. President Kohler really believes when we master the message we are preaching we will be able to bring more souls unto Christ. I couldn't agree more! MLC is always fun and very uplifting. I love to see a lot of my friends from around our HUGE mission! 

We have had some good lessons with people too! I will give a little summary.

Sister Opare - We met this week and have a great lesson talking about the plan of salvation. She is really open and humble at this point so she basically eats up everything we teach. She was amazing that even in the Bible the plan of salvation in taught. We got her a Book of Mormon in her native African language of Twi which is what most people speak in Ghana. She really loved that:)

Ahmed - Ahmed is new this week! The ZL's we live with found him and we met with them at our church yesterday! He is a 17 year old kid from Sierra Leon and he is way cool! We found like halfway in the lesson that he is friends with Osman who got baptized like 1 month before I got to Munich. Kind of a funny coincidence but they claim that everyone from Sierra Leon in Germany knows each other. We had a way cool first lesson with him and he said he wants to get baptized so that is good! He promised he would come to church with Osman so we will see what happens:)

Also big highlight was pumpkin carving last night with the youth of our ward! We all went pretty hard and I was pretty creating! I thought I had it in the bag when I produced a beautiful silhouette of a temple, but i got a little cocky and carved a window till i realized I put a big cross right in the middle of the temple. It will fit right in as a catholic church here in Germany;) Ill get redemption next year.   

I have not written since General Conference which was obviously a huge highlight of the week. It is always amazing to hear from the servants of the Lord. As I was watching conference I was thinking a lot of the fact that "whom the Lord calls he qualifies". As I was watching President Monson hold on to the pulpit as tight as he could sinking down slowly it was quite clear to me that he was planning on finishing that testimony! He has given so much of his life to the Lord and it is amazing to see him preform on the level he does. He is just a mortal man, but the Lord has qualified and strengthened him to preform the calling he has. We are all just normal people too but the Lord with qualify us in anything He asks us to do! Even serve a mission! 

Well friends that is the report. Hope everyone has a great week! God bless you all.

Yours truly and forever and ever in eternity,

Elder Lyman

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