Sunday, May 3, 2015

Linz Austria Week 12

Hi family and friends! 

Highlights - This week has been amazing here in good old Linz! General Conference would have to be the big highlight! I am never disappointed that is for sure! I think most people would agree that Elder Holland nailed it as usual and that story he told was killer. President Uchtdorf killed it as well with the topic of grace. Conference always gets me pumped up to be a better person and missionary! We got to watch all the sessions but the Sunday afternoon session. We do not get to watch that one because it goes too late but we are going to watch it today after we do emails at the church! Should be fun! 

Another highlight of the week was going more service at Brother Ivanoskis house. He is a less active that we work with quit a bit. We have not worked with him for a couple of weeks so it was nice to do that again. Basically what we did all day was remove these steel door frames in his house with a Jack Hammer. It is fun but I'm  always really sore and tires after. 

The last big thing this week were transfer calls on Saturday. We got some sad news. Elder Spencer is being transferred from Linz to Ellwangin a little town by Stuttgart in Germany for his last transfer on his mission. It is kind of funny that he will only be there for 6 weeks but sometimes it happens. I got some news then as well. Something actually happened to me that does not happen very often in Austria. My new companion is Elder Piepenstock and he is from GERMANY! That is right people I am getting a native comp! Most of the European missionaries have to stay in Switzerland because they do not let Americans in right now so it is really rare for Americans to be able to work with the German Elders. He only has two more transfers on his mission so he will "die" here in Linz. I am super excited to me able to work with him! Hopefully my german will be amazing by the time we are done working together! Transfer day in on thursday so that is when Elder Spencer will leave and Elder Piepenstock will arrive! Should be fun!

Investigators - Not much to say about investigators right now. We are trying hard to find new people to teach. We have had no contact with out other investigators this week because of the Holidays and stuff. Hopefully next week will bring some new people!

Pday - Well today is actually a holiday here so everything is closed! We are basically chilling at the church watching General Conference eating chocolate all day! 

Well this week has been full of surprises! Hope to hear from all of you soon! have a great week!

Elder Lyman

p.s. S/O to my main girl Calyn Barry for getting her mission call to the Leeds England Mission! You will kill it! xoxoxo 

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