Monday, May 25, 2015

Munich Germany Week 2


This has been a crazy week to be an office Elder! So we have been really busy making the transfer plans for all of the missionaries that are going to a new area. That involved a lot of train times and tickets and stuff like that. After we had worked on it all week and had it finished we got news the day before transfers that the German train company Deutsche Bahn was striking! That means that none of the trains were going to be running! That was the worst thing that could have happened! We scrambled to put together a new plan using buses and not trains which is really hard just because our mission is so big! After many hours we finally got a plan but together that would work. Then come transfer day some of the bus companies would not let us use their buses because the missionaries had to much luggage! It was very stressful but we somehow made it all work! I'm glad the next transfer is not for another five weeks!

As far as teaching goes, we are teaching a lot of cool people right now! The highlight family of our investigators are this couple named Andrew and Rebecca! They are a really cool family from Nigeria! They have four daughters that are all under the age of four! They have come to church twice now as a family! They are really amazing people! We met with them today and they decided that they want to be baptized! They will be baptized in about a month! We are really excited for them! I hope everything continues to go well with them! Put them in your prayers!

One other cool thing that happended this week is that one of by best friends Elder Plumb got transfered to work in the office! it has been so fun getting to work with him! We are two peas in a pod! 

Im loving the Muncih international ward! It is full of cool people from all over the world! We have had tons of A&W root beet at appointments which is sooo cool! it is always a taste of America! 

Well that is about it. Im really happy with things right now for sure! I hope this next week is as cool as this one was!

Much love,
Elder Lyman

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