Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Week in Salzburg!

Sometimes I wear lederhosen in my room . . . 
just for fun. 
Hello friends and family! 

I hope that everyone is doing well back home.  Let's start with the big news that I have!  On Saturday I got the transfer call and they said that I will need to pack my bags and head up to Linz Austria! WaHoo!!  So Linz is a pretty big town in the northern part of Austria.  It is not as big as Salzburg but thats ok!  I have actually been there once for a Stake Priesthood Meeting.  I am really excited to serve there! They have the biggest ward in Austria which will be great.  I will be working with my new companion named Elder Spencer.  He is from Lehi Utah!  Linz is in the same Zone that I'm in right now so I have actually met him before at Zone training.  He is a great guy and it will be great to work with him.  I will send lots of pictures home next week of the new area.

Because I'm getting transferred and Elder Kingery is going home, the Salzburg two area is CLOSED! The Zone Leaders will start teaching our investigators which will be great because we know they will take good care of them.  We had our last lesson with a lot of them this week to say goodbye.  It was hard but I know that they are in good hands.  It will be a good test to see if they are really investigating the church for the right reasons or just hanging out with us because I'm extremely good looking and personable.  It will be good for them! (hehe)

My district also had a surprise birthday party for me on my birthday which was quit nice.  I will make sure to include pictures of the gang on my B-day!

This week will be one of goodbyes and packing.  It looks like this is GOODBYE SALZBURG!  Until zone conference in one month . . . . I am happy I will get to come back and visit.  I have loved it here!

Shöne Woche!!
Elder Lyman

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